24 October, 2017 - 05:33
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Corporate league 2017

Corporate league final ranking is now available!


Final ranking

Positions finales
1. Sobeys
2. Lg2
3. Fc intatct
4.Dauphins étincelants
5. Bus.com
6. No forks
7. Tourne Disque
8. Lemay
10. Element AI

Congratulations to Sobeys who as finished first this year! Thanks to all the corporate league teams for your commitment and your spirit of the game. See you next year!

General information:

For a second consecutive year, the AUM is pleased to announce you the return of the Corporate league this summer. This league is for teams of employees from different companies who want to play Ultimate on a weekly basis during the summer.

It is a perfect opportunity to develop relationships with colleagues and network with other companies while practicing a new sport!

Important dates

  • Beginning of registrations : Wednesday March 29th at 3PM
  • Registrations deadline : Wednesday  April 12th at 8AM
  • Payment and alignment deadline : May 3rd at 3PM
  • League duration : Every tuesday, from June 6th to August 22th (12 weeks)


Important things to know

  • Game format  : Mixed 5 vs 5.
  • Level of play : Begginers / Intermediate
  • Priority of registration : Spots will be given according to the moment of the registration. All teams registered to the 2016 league will have priority for the 2017 corporate summer league.
AUM Membership

AUM has created a specific corporate membership for that league. It gives acces only to the corporate leaugue. It is included in the registration price.


Deadline : May 9th

All teams must have a minimum of 10 players in their roster (6 men 4 women). Altough, we suggest you to have 12 players on your roster.

All players must be employes of the same company (or spouse/wife of an employee). Some exceptions can be made, but they must be approved by the AUM.

Team Captain

All teams must name 1 captain that will be responsible :

  • To transmit the game schedule to their teamates
  • To present a full line-up of players to every game 
  • To give the game results to the time-keeper who will be on the side of the field after each games


in 3 steps

  • For the new teams 1 week of initiation is offered at the beginning of the season, and the teams from last year will have the choice to play a game or to participate in the initiation.
  • Mentoring for the first 3 weeks of the league
  • An additional 2 weeks of mentoring. The dates will be decided between the mentor availabilities and the teams need
Provided equipement

*If you want to make your own jerseys, it's possible to reduce 120$, their price, of the league fees.

You also have 10% off all orders from our partner, VC Ultimate using the promo code AUM10.

  • 12 discs
  • 12 ATC S350 (men's) and L350 (women's) sweaters in a color that has not been selected by another team.

    *Color choices will be offered. Teams registered in the summer of 2016 will have priority.


Corporative advantage

1. All games are at the same time and on the same venue. 

2. Registration to the end-of-season tournament (recreational tournament) on the weekend of August 19-20, 2017 at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute.

3. 12 tickets to attend a match between the Montreal Royal's the Ottawa's Outlaws on July 23rd, 2017 at 1:00 pm.

(Included in the registration price)



 Overview of the corporate league offer



5 vs 5

Feild Dates Level of play


 before April 25th


from April 26th +


Option 1

With jerseys

Montreal Tuesday


Percival-Molson Stadium



From June 6 to August 22

Begginers / Intermediate  1 450$

1 550$

 8 spots 
Option 2

Without jerseys


Montreal Tuesday



Percival-Molson Stadium



From June 6th to August 22th Begginers / Intermediate  1 330$ 1 450$ 8


To register, you must :

1) Create an AUM account to log in your account. To create an account, click here!

2) While logged into your account, complete the registration form below (Available from March 29th at 3 pm).

3) We will contact you, by email, to confirm your place in the corporate league. 

4) Make the payment by check to the Association d'Ultimate de Montréal at the 1334 Jean-Talon Est, Montréal, Qc H2E 1S1 before May 3rd at 4PM.



 Completed registrations


For more informations, contact Anthony / a.juteau@montrealultimate.ca  / 514 303-4048 EXT:13