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AUM Hall of Fame


You can consult the selection process here.

Contact the HOF directors : hof@montrealultimate.ca



AUM Hall of Fame History


The Hall of Fame was originally proposed in 2007, but the first version of the idea was not approved. However, after the AUM launched its Strategic Plan for 2008-2012, it became clear that this type of initiative fit in perfectly with the association’s vision, akin to establishing an annual AUM Gala event. The initial goal was to acknowledge the contributors who founded the AUM in the 90s, but the idea quickly expanded into two categories: Players and Contributors. The selection process was modelled after the process used by the Ultimate Players Association in the United States.


Hall of Fame inductees are introduced at the annual AUM Gala, and receive a lifetime AUM membership and a commemorative plaque in their honour.


The very first AUM Hall of Fame inductees in 2008 were AUM founders Luc Drouin and Lorne Beckman in the Contributors category (by unanimous vote), as well as Mark (Shaggy) Zimmerl and Sue Farquhar in the Players category.


The inductees for 2009 were Tony Boyd (by unanimous vote) and Cathy (Katsee) Janvier in the Player category, as well as Stephane Jacques and Ken Hunt in the Contributor category. In addition, Mila Oh was the first to be inducted in the new Special Merit--Spirit category.


In 2010, only one person was inducted: Mr. Jay Pospisil, in the Player category.


In 2011, two ladies were inducted in the AUM Hall of Fame: Lindsay Bales in the Spirit category and Shiellah Quintos, former AUM General manager, in the Contributor category.



Hall of Fame inductees

2015 : No new inductees

2014: No new inductees

2013: ROY Dominique  | DROUIN Jean-François  |  SOFIN Sean

2012: DUFRESNE, Geneviève | DOUGLAS Hospital Institute

2011: BALES, Lindsay | QUINTOS, Shiellah

2010: POSPISIL, Jay

2009: BOYD, Tony | HUNT, Ken | JACQUES, Stéphane | JANVIR, Cathy | OH, Mila

2008: BECKMAN, Lorne | DROUIN, Luc | FARQUHAR, Sue | ZIMMERL, Mark



ROY, Dominique

Tribute to Dominique Roy

  DROUIN, Jean-François
SOFIN, Sean  


  DUFRESNE, Geneviève
DOUGLAS Hospital Institute  



BALES, Lindsay


QUINTOS, Shiellah









BOYD, Tony - player

I had the good fortune of getting turned on to Ultimate in 1985, when it was just getting started in Canada. A new beautiful and exciting sport, totally intense, where every player had to play both O and D, and most importantly, where sportsmanship meant everything as there were no refs. Oh yeah, and all using the coolest imaginable trajectile, a simple, sleak, 175 gram disc. Magical. I played competitively for Montreal from 1987 to 1997 (1st with the Ultimatoes, then Mephisto), was co-founder of the AUM, attended every Canadian Nationals from 86 to 96, played numerous World Club Championships, and won 2 silver medals at the World Ultimate Championships as a member of the Canadian National Masters Team: 1994, Colchester England and 1996 Jonkoping, Sweden, where I was captain and named MVP.



JACQUES, Stéphane - Contributor

I played one game of ultimate in the spring of 95, and became an instant addict, and have been in it ever since. After playing for a season or two, I thought this was such an amazing sport that I wanted to participate in making it grow, and to make sure this growth was as permanent as possible. So I joined the board in late fall of 97 up to 2004.

One of the most unique aspects of this sport is that it can be played by men and women *together*, on the same team, at a competitive level. I decided that I would dedicate my competitive Ultimate player efforts to help develop the mixed division. In 2005, Lorne Beckman, Naomi Jackson, François Lanouette, Caroline Lacoste and myself founded Camelot. We had an awesome year. Winning many tournaments, including the National Championship. Making Camelot Montreal`s (and this province`s, for that matter) first team to win Nationals.

I want to be remembered:

As a contributor: As a guy who did what he could to help this sport get known and grow. To help it become as permanent as possible in the Montreal region. To teach as much as I could to as many individuals as possible. (of course, that will not stop in the years to come)

As a player: I`d like to be remembered as a player who did his small part in helping mixed competitive to evolve. As a good, reliable handler; one of the faster guys around, and one of the best popper and ISO players Montreal will have known.





OH, Mila

(Special Mention - Spirit)




BECKMAN, Lorne - contributor

I came to Montreal in time for the 1993 (inaugural) season. All I did that summer was cycle around and play Ultimate. Every day, I’d meet friends to go throw in a park. Whenever we went out at night, we’d bring along a disc or two to throw back and forth across boul. Saint- Laurent as we walked along The Main. Like some drug-addled fool, I was completely dependent on my Ultrastar™. One touch of that plastic and my heart started racing and my palms began to sweat. It made me feel all the happiness in the world.

Soon, I was travelling all over the country and around the world to Canadian and World Championship events in search of bigger and better highs. Back home in Montreal, I became a big-time pusher: teaching at clinics, building teams, organizing the league, publishing newsletters, coaching, and running tournaments. I was always doing everything I could to get more and more people hooked.

After all this time, I still feel the same euphoria when I play—and that is what it’s all about. When I won Gold at Worlds in 1998, it wasn’t about the medal. When Camelot won CUC in 2006, it wasn’t about being champions. It was always about smiling and having fun. That’s what I meant when I formed the team “Grin” in 2001. I’ve been smiling all this time and I hope you are too.

DROUIN, Luc - Contributor

I discovered Ultimate in the summer of 1990, on the beautiful fields of île Ste-Hélène. I travelled across Canada that same summer to play at my first Nationals tournament with the Mtl Ultimatoes. I was hooked. After the national championships held in Mtl in 1991, and the departure of Steve and Eileen, known as Mom and Dad of the small and fragile Ultimate community in Montreal. The 1992 season did not see a lot of Ultimate activity in Montreal. It was in 1993 with Tony Boyd that I founded what was to become the AUM. I took all all roles required to bring life to my vision of developing a strong bilingual sports association which would promote and develop the sport while respecting its unique values. One of these roles was to give workshops where the need for french educational material was made clear. This is where I decided to write a book with my brother.

As a player, and one of the founding captains of Mephisto, I participated to 15 national championships (5 medals), 5 world championships (1 medal), 2 French national championships (2 medals) et 1 European championship. Above and beyond the results, I still have a lot of fun playing the game as it brings together athleticism, respect, fun with friends, and beauty of a game well played and a disc in flight.



ZIMMERL, Mark (Shaggy) - player

I first played ultimate in the spring of 1993. It was a revelation that a team sport could be so fun, so intense and also so honourable. I was hooked and played in my first Canadian National Championship that same season. I helped found Mephisto, Quebec’s top open team for over 15 years running. The team came from modest beginnings yet quickly climbed the national rankings, reaching the finals of the Canadian Championships five times, including a championship win in 2009. Mephisto also qualified for four World Club Championships. Ultimate remains a team game and I learnt a great deal playing on various excellent teams: Furious George at the World Championships in 2000 and also GOAT at the 2008 USA Championships, reaching the semi finals in a magical run in the toughest tournament in the world. In all, I’ve won four medals, including Gold, at various World Championships. The greatest satisfaction, however, still comes from playing great ultimate with the boys in Montreal!