27 June, 2017 - 06:40
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Jeux de la rue 2016 tournament (12-17 years old)

The Jeux de la rue are proud to collaborate with us for organizing a ultimate tournament during their finales at Jarry Park, on friday August 12. It's free!  More

Register a team and participate in a free and fun tournament! 




Cost : Free!

Where : Jarry Park, Montreal

When : Friday August 12 at 1 PM 

Team : At least 7 players (minimum 3 girls) 

Ages : Between 12 and 17 years old 



Played 5 against 5 in a friendly format, the tournament is open to all levels (new players and regular players) and is a great opportunity to try the sport and become familiar with the practice of ultimate. The tournament is mixed and is open to any young person between 12 and 17 years.

All necessary equipment will be provided on site. However, bring a water bottle, cleats (not mandatory) and a white sweater and a black sweater to identify teams.

At the tournament, mentors will be present to explain the rules and give tips and techniques. Also, the lunch will be provided for all participants.



Learn more about Jeux de la rue.  



Facebook Event


Introductory workshops

For participants or teams who want to learn the sport before the tournament, free preparatory workshops can be organized by the AUM. For more information about this, please contact Claudine Carbray .

Claudine Carbray / c.carbray@montrealultimate.ca / 514 303-4048


See you at Jarry Park!