24 March, 2017 - 02:33
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Rules Keeper's corner



Every team participating in a league in the AUM must appoint a Rules Keeper. 


What are the roles of the RULES KEEPER?

On this page, you will find several resources to help the Rules Keeper accomplish their duties.  Don't hesitate to let us know if you have suggestions of other souces to add that would be pertinent. 



It is finally the time for a preseason rules training sessions! The participation of rules keeper is REQUIRED, otherwise a yellow disc will be awarded to the team.

All other teams are welcome to attend in order to get answers to their questions and to learn more about the rules!

The training will be given in English and in French, and the presenters will adapt the presentation to the level of the participants. Don't hesitate to come prepared with questions!

Details: http://www.montrealultimate.ca/fr/ateliers

  • Where?
  • When?
  • Instructors: to be determined
  • What to bring? Paper/pencil if you feel it would be useful, rules booklet (we will have several available on site for free)


We hope that this session will meet your expectations! Thank you and enjoy the rest of your season!




VEUF: Vidéo Explicatif de Ultimate Frisbee


VIDEO IN/OUT of Bounds