26 September, 2017 - 07:17
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Strategic Plan 2015-2020


On October 30th, the AUM started working on its 2015-2020 strategic plan. With the help of over 30 volunteers and partners, it is our pleasure to share the final document with you.


2015-2020 Strategic plan (French only)


To complete the objectives in this plan, the involvement of the association members will be essential. To find out how you can contribute, click on the title of the axis that interests you or call the lead at 514-303-4048.

2015 objectives

2015 annual report


2016 objectives

2016 annual report


2017 objectives (updated 2017-06-01)

Member services

Developpment / juniors


Human ressources


Member services  

Committee structure

(Board of directors Lead Diane Rémillard

Staff lead Maxime Darche)

  • Recreational leagues
  • Fields
  • Tournaments
  • Spirit of the game
  • Competitive ultimate
  • Financing / revenues


Committee structure

(Board of directors Lead Mylène Coté

Staff Lead Claudine Carbray)

  • League developpment (city, school, competitive, etc.)
  • Competitive integration (regional, provincial, national and international)
  • Coaching (spirit)

Human Ressources  

Committee structure

(Board of directors Lead Sébastien Crête
Staff lead Christian d'Auteuil)
  • Governance
  • Coachs
  • Volunteers
  • Permanent staff


Committee structure

(Board of directors Lead Jean-Philip Laberge 
Staff lead Christian d'Auteuil)
  • Information management
  • Trademark
  • Website
  • Marketing / promotion



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