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Tournament standings

Follow the MUCC tournament performances





   After months of waiting, the list of teams who will be competing at next summer’s World Ultimate Club Championships in Prague has been officialised.


Due to their great performances at CUC 2009, the AUM will be well represented by Mephisto, Storm and RIP. Also competing will be Onyx from Quebec City. GECKO (Sherbrooke), QUB (Qc City) and GOB (PQ) are well placed on the waiting list.


Congratulations MUCC!! All of Montreal is proud of this achievement! Please consult the Worlds site for more details.

Press release


 The AUM would like to congratulate all of the Montreal teams who participated at this past weekend's (12th to 16th of August)Canadian Ultimate Championships in Winnipeg.


Mephisto won the gold medal in the Open division, a long awaited and hard fought victory! (click here for a summary of the exciting finals and here for a video of the last 20 minutes of the final!)


The women's team Storm and the mixed team RIP finished 3rd in their respective divisions. Mystik, Magma, Demon and GOB also well represented Montreal.


All the results can be viewed on the official CUC website and some pictures can be seen here.


Congratulations Montreal! We are all proud of you and your performances!

Storm finished 3rd at No Borders


Playing through some of the muddiest conditions ever, Storm finishes tied for 3rd at this past weekend's tournament in Ottawa. It was the strongest competition at No Borders in a long time, with Brute Squad from Boston making the trip north for the first time. Regardless of the less-than-stellar weather and field conditions, they will surely be back, having played some really tough games, including a tightly contested semis against Storm. Both teams held serve, with the 2007 UPA semi-finalists Brute Squad taking half at 7-6. BS broke Storm right after half and held onto the lead despite some aggressive defense and chilly offense by Storm to take the game by 2 points. It was an excellent last tournament for Storm before Nationals in less than 3 weeks, where Storm intends on outdoing their 2008 runner-up position.

RIP wins the Regional Quebec Championship


It's with great pleasure that we congratulate our co-ed team, RIP, for brilliantly winning the Regional Quebec Championship! The proof is now made that Montreal dominates co-ed frisbee from Rigaud to Riviere-du loup. Next stop: Champions of Canada!


Mystik finished the Jazz Tournament in seventh place


Mystik, inspired by their first victories of the season at the Boston Invitational Tournament, brought all their strength, enthusiasm and determination to the opening day of the Jazz Fest tournament. Four convincing wins later, Mystik advanced into the elite pool.

Sunday play began with Mystik facing the top ranked team of the tournament, Storm. The experience was incredible and the players of Mystik proved their tenacity by contesting every point and maintaining their intensity throughout the game. The game ended in an honourable defeat of 13-7. It was a challenge to sustain the level of intensity for the second game of the day and Mystik suffered their second loss of the weekend. Mystik finished the tournament in seventh place, bettering their initial ranking by four positions. So, it is mission accomplished for Mystik, who have shown that they are no longer the fledgling team who went to White Mountain Open this past May! Next tournament: No Borders – July 25, 26.

Mephisto wins the Jazz Tournament


This past weekend, Mephisto took part in the 16th edition of the AUM’s Jazzfest Tournament, held on the grounds of the Douglas Hospital in Verdun. The 24 teams in the Open Division were vying for top spot in the tournament, which would guarantee the victor free registration into the 2010 edition. Mephisto went into the weekend as the top ranked team and as such had very high expectations.


Mephisto was hoping to use their home tournament to jumpstart it’s season after an unusually sub par performance at its most recent tournament in Boston.


Saturday was a roller coaster ride both with respect to the weather and the play of Mephisto. The day threw cloudy, rainy, sunny, hot, cold and windy weather at everyone. Despite the conditions Mephisto won their first three games over Nads from North Bay, Medicare from Waterloo and Glum from Ottawa, without too much trouble. However Mephisto’s last game of the day was once again a reflection of the sub par performances from the previous weeks. They played against perennial rivals Phoenix, from Ottawa, in a game to establish the top seed heading into Sunday. Phoenix played with an intensity and desire that Mephisto could not match and prevailed 13-8.


Sunday started out much nicer with clear blue skies but there was still a strong breeze blowing in from the north. It was just enough wind to keep things interesting throughout the day. Mephisto needed to raise their game if they wanted to have any chance of winning the tournament. And raise their game they did, with the first step being a 15-8 quarterfinal victory over The Veterans, a team made up of former Mephisto players. The second step was a 15-4 win over a stubborn opponent from Vermont who endured the weekend with only 10 players. Mephisto was hoping to be able to exact some revenge over Phoenix in the finals but it was not to be as they were upset by GLUM, a group of Ottawa old-boys. Mephisto still had the fire in their bellies as they took to the field for the finals and never looked back. After a crushing 15-5 win over GLUM, Mephisto claimed the Jazzfest trophy for the second year in a row.


There were a lot of positives to take from the weekend. Among them was the work of the defensive unit, who brought a level of energy on Sunday that created turnovers and allowed them to score a lot of points. Also of note was the work of some key rookies whose work ethic inspired the team to follow suit on the road to victory.


Christian Mathieu


Disappointing 13th place for Mephisto at Boston Invite

Boston Invite is one of the largest Open division tournaments in northeast North America. The best East Coast Ultimate teams meet there each year.At the beginning of the tournament, Mephisto was in the Elite category seeded 6. For the first day of competition, its opponents were the same as in the first tournament of the year in Cazenovia with GOAT from Toronto, Bodhi from Boston and Sons of Liberty also from Boston. The fight promised to be even harder than at the last tournament because in Cazenovia, most of the teams had not made their last cuts after tryouts. Each of these teams showed up in Boston with improved rosters.


Saturday, players had to face another challenge: the weather. The expected rain and thunderstorms didn’t show up, but heat was a problem already at 8am. It is in this ambience that the first game against GOAT began. Mephisto had high hopes for this game, having lost only by 2 points in the last meeting between the two teams. But GOAT quickly took the lead scoring 5 unanswered points at the beginning of the game. Despite a slight comeback in the second half, Mephisto was never able to match the #2 seeded team. Final score: 15-8.


The second game against Bodhi was expected to be as difficult, a team who qualified for UPA finals last fall. Like the first game, Mephisto’s offensive line missed a couple opportunities to score. Also, the two defensive lines were not able to capitalize when they achieved defensive plays. The game ended with a 15-9 score in favor of Bodhi. The third game was played against Sons of Liberty (SOL) who were seeded 7th behind Mephisto. The team from Montreal counted on this game to rebuild its confidence weakened in the morning. Unfortunately, the descent to hell was not over. Despite spectacular defensive plays from Eric St-Amant, Philippe Camiré and Éric Préseault, SOL took the lead before halftime. While Mephisto was losing many players suffering from the heat or accidents on the field, the game ended 15-9 in favor of SOL.


After a two hour break, Mephisto had to keep its place in the Elite category by playing against Pack Dogs from Providence, Rhode Island. The two teams were exchanging points during the first 20 minutes of the game, when all the games had to be interrupted because of lightning. After more than one hour of stoppage, the organizers decided to postpone the games to the next morning.


Sunday morning, only a fine drizzle was still present on the fields of Fort Devens. Mephisto was trying to forget Saturday’s games by winning against Pack Dogs who were leading 3-2 at stoppage. The two teams fought hard, exchanging points and breaks. At the end of the game, Pack Dogs were able to score a couple of points in a row to claim a 15-10 victory. Despite better execution and intensity than Saturday, Mephisto found itself relegated to the Eastern I category, unable to finish better than 9th.


Sunday was punctuated with good and bad plays, with a defeat against the Replicants from New York (15-11) followed by a welcomed convincing victory against Medecine Men from Washington (15-6). The best part of the tournament was still to come in the last game of the weekend. Mephisto was trailing 8-2 at the half against Pike (New Jersey) after a rocky start. Gathering all the energy they had left and playing, for a rare occasion in this tournament, at their best, Mephisto’s players achieved a fantastic comeback to tie the game at 13 and then win it 15-13. The weekend ended on a good note, the team getting back its intensity and combativeness on the field.


Next tournament: Mephisto will be playing at home at the Montreal Jazz Tournament on July 4th-5th. Come support Montreal’s competitive teams.

3rd place for Mephisto at CUT


Seeded 6th, Mephisto kicked off the new season with a strong 3rd place finish (tie) at the Cazenovia Ultimate Tournament (CUT). Saturday's schedule was not easy with games in order against GOAT, Bodhi, and Sons of Liberty, a sorching sun and rock-hard fields. The day did not start easily against GOAT. Mephisto found themselves down 7-4 at half and the Toronto team never looked back, cruising to a 13-8 win. Next came Bodhi, another UPA finals qualifier last year. With a strong showing from the O line, Mephisto kept the game close until half. A couple of miscues, however, gave Bodhi the breathing room to close out the game. The 0-2 start made it essential that Mephisto win its game against Sons of Liberty in order to avoid a more difficult crossover. Sons of Liberty are the understudies of Boston Ironside and were missing some players still not cut from the Ironside tryouts. Mephisto put forth a convincing performance and won 13-7. This set up a crossover against Pike, a former UPA finals team, currently in a restructuring phase. This vital match-up was won in the first few points as Mephisto took an early lead and held it, however closely, until the end of the game. Final 13-11.


Meanwhile in the other pool, Ottawa's Phoenix created a stir by beating PoNY and finishing in second place. This set up a Sunday morning quarter finals matchup between familiar foes: Mephisto vs Phoenix. Montreal's O line received a boost with the return of Eric St-Amant who nursed an injury Saturday and did not play. Mephisto turned in its most consistent and focused performance in the tournament yet, highlighted by some spectacular defensive plays including a vital hand block on Derek Alexander. Mephisto won by a commmanding 15-10 score.


The win set up a semi-final rematch from the first game of the season versus GOAT. There was confidence in the air this time around as Mephisto had felt itself getting stronger with each game. Confidence became performance as Montreal's D line broke GOAT on the opening point. Mephisto's O line executed well and protected the break to keep the score 7-7. The second half once again proved that Ultimate is a game of inches as a few slightly errant passes allowed the more experienced GOAT to take advantage of Mephisto mistakes. Score 14-10. Mephisto never quit and the D lines made a valiant run at the end to close the mark to 14-13. Luck was on GOAT`s side this time, however, as a unintended checked throw inadvertantly fluttered to a GOAT receiver allowing GOAT to end the game. Even in defeat, Mephisto felt content with the gains it had made over the weekend.


In the end, a 3rd place tie with Bodhi and an excellent performance, full of promise for the 2009 season.



Storm wins White Mountain Open

Storm travelled down to Hanover, New Hampshire this past weekend to compete in the White Mountain Open tournament. It was Storm’s first tournament of the year after only two weeks of practice. After going 2-1 on the Saturday, losing to the Boston team, Brute Squad, Storm rallied on Sunday morning, beating Godiva 12-10 in the semis which set up a rematch against Brute Squad in the finals. Storm started strong, scoring the first 2 points and maintained that lead into halftime. Brute Squad tried a zone defense to attempt to stop the ease with which the cutters were getting open. However, the handlers worked it efficiently through the 4-man cup to score. The final point consisted on an endzone handblock on their main handler, then an easy score for the win! The next tournament for Storm is Boston Invitational, at the end of June.



RIP participated in the Toronto Ultimate Festival during the weekend of May 9-10, 2009 along with 34 other mixed teams. In its first tournament of the 2009 season, RIP went 5-1 finishing 2nd place to Liquid (Final score 12-15). Congratulations on a great start to the 2009 season!