24 October, 2017 - 05:55
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Ultimate Variants

Normally, Ultimate is played 7 against 7 by the USA Ultimate rules, on a dimension regulated field.  In most cases, the AUM adopted the official 11th edition rules.  However, Ultimate is a sport that can easily be adapted to different contraints: lack of space, number of players, physical capacities...  Here are some examples of variants played in the AUM.

5 on 5 | 4 on 4 | Wheel chair ultimate | Beach ultimate


5 on 5

Really popular amongst AUM members, this variant of the game is played on a smaller field, often indoors. We play 5 against 5 players. Substitutions are on-the-fly, making the game much faster.

5 on 5 rules | 5 on 5 field diagram



4 on 4

All around Quebec, there are 4 on 4 tournaments, which are part of the Circuit Québécois de Ultimate 4 contre 4 (CQU4).  The field is smaller than with 5 on 5, using only 4 players (3 men and 1 women or 2 men and 2 woman, the offensive team chooses and the defensive team matches).  The first tournament of 4 on 4 in Montreal was held last March, the Tournoi Montréal en Mars (M&M).


  4 on 4 rules





Wheel Chair ultimate


VieOMax and the AUM join their forces in orfer to offer opportunities of play to a different public.





Beach Ultimate

Rules for beach ultimate (in French)



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